Karen K. | Maida Vale, Western Australia

7th July 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen was absolutely fantastic with our 9 month old border collie. I couldn't believe how quickly Chevy responded to the training and we now have the tools to continue with the training and Chevy is doing really well. I wish we had contacted Bark Busters sooner.


Aimee W. | Perth, Western Australia

6th July 2019 Bark busters rating


Sally B. | Perth, Western Australia

4th July 2019 Bark busters rating

Positive experience. Glen provides background and logic behind training techniques and easy to follow steps for ongoing training.

Stephanie B. | Perth, Western Australia

4th July 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen has been absolutely excellent to work with! Going into this we thought we were totally alone in all of our problems but Maureen has shown us otherwise. Many people have been through what we’re going through and there’s always a way to solve it! Thanks Maureen!

Talie P. | Perth, Western Australia

4th July 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen took the time to understand all the behaviours and situations we wanted to address with our dog. She walked through what we needed to do in each situation with simple clear instructions. Maureen also allowed me to practice the one step training under her guidance so that it was clear in my mind what I needed to do. The folder provided good information and her advice around changing my dogs diet has been invaluable. Mocha has been a much calmer well behaved dog after just 10 days of training.

Joanne R. | EDGEWATER, Western Australia

3rd July 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was fantastic with Margo. Within minutes he had her pulling under control. You can see he genuinely loves dogs and I felt immediately comfortable with him as a trainer. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Tanya M. | Perth, Western Australia

27th June 2019 Bark busters rating

We were extremely impressed. It was like Moose was a complete different dog. I wish I contacted Bark Busters sooner. Very simple and easy to learn. The training is something we can do every day with ease. Glen was amazing. I highly recommend him. Moose responded so easily and we look forward to continuing his training. The cost is well worth it. It's lifetime.

Jill M. | Perth, Western Australia

19th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen came out to meet our dogs and was great. Made sure that I understood everything he was doing and why he was doing it. Had my dog Scout responding so quickly. Can't wait to get training!


Letitsia V. | Atwell, Western Australia

18th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen,s knowledge and hands on approach complimented and enhanced what I was already doing with faster results. I feel that all of the training tips offered will be easily applied in Glens absence for a better than he already is dog and am glad that we decided to work on these things now rather than later.

I love the training tools that come with the sessions.

Caleb M. | Carlisle, Western Australia

17th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. Glen was born to do this kind of work. I never in my life would have guessed how quickly he could relate to my Zeus and how well he could tap into his psyche. I had no idea what to expect but honestly could not have been more impressed, valued and happy with Bark Busters service. Glen is a genius when it comes to dogs and I really thought Zeus would give him a run for his money but not even close. Glen is compassionate and gentle but simultaneously firm and it gets results. I am one to baby my dog and he taught me how to really help my dog and make him happy. So thankful!

Shania T. | Perth, Western Australia

14th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Before training Mila with Bark Busters she was slightly aggressive towards people and dogs, pulled on the lead and needed some general training. I was always anxious to take her out for a walk, to the park, not knowing how she was going to react towards people and other dogs. But with only 2 sessions with Bark Busters I am so amazed with Mila’s progress. I can take her for a walk and be on the same side of the footpath with a dog and a person now, where before I wouldn’t be able to be on the other side of the road without getting a reaction. I now can take Mila for a walk without having to worry about anyone else being around. I can take her to the park and Mila will come back when called and walk by my side even if she is off the leash. I can not wait to see what else Mila can do and more of her progress. I am so thankful for Maureen, helping me out so much, answering any question I had and being a phone call away if needed.

Shailee R. | Perth, Western Australia

12th June 2019 Bark busters rating

I couldn't believe within the first 5 seconds of meeting Maureen my dog was already listening to her and not taking his eyes off of her just waiting to see what to do next!!!! I can't wait for a revisit to see how we are going!!!

Cherie H. | Perth, Western Australia

11th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Loved it and the dogs responded really well


Riebekah K. | West Perth, Western Australia

9th June 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen was so great at helping train my 9 month old Pomeranian she taught me so much about what I can do as well in just one session

Tracy R. | North Beach, Western Australia

2nd June 2019 Bark busters rating

Absolutely brilliant!

Glen has a lovely calm nature and is very knowledgeable about the canine world

Hamish T. | Perth, Western Australia

1st June 2019 Bark busters rating

This is the second dog Glen has helped us with. The time we spend with Glen focuses on the dogs but also towards how we conduct ourselves better as the master, probably the hardest part of the training is teaching us. We feel happy to discuss with him what we do right but also more importantly what we are doing wrong with no judgement, he is supportive whilst correcting our mistakes.


Stephanie P. | Joondalup, Western Australia

29th May 2019 Bark busters rating

It was absolutely phenomenal. Glen put us at ease and did not make us feel like bad dog parents which previous trainers have, he simply showed us how to live going forward in a positive way. We have been through various types of trainers before but this is the first one that has worked. He was amazing at talking us through everything and being so patient. My husband and I absolutely saw a difference in the first session. He has changed our lives and helped our furbabies to create a well structured and happy family. Thank you!

Hannah D. | Success, Western Australia

27th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was great! Bark Busters is an incredible and totally worthwhile service! Totally transformative. Noticeable difference in dogs' behaviour within 20 minutes. Glen was super knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He educated us on dog psychology, and then we did some great hands on exercises to train our dogs. Great experience! Will be getting bark busters in for every dog I have in the future.

Pebbles' behaviour is still improving. There has been an incredible improvement in Pebbles behaviour with the following:

- Chasing and nipping other dogs

- Obsessively chasing lights and insects

- Obsessively licking her paws

- Obsessively eating grass

- Destructive behaviour

- Walking on a lead

Marsha B. | Dayton, Western Australia

27th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen was great. We had issues we really weren't sure how to address and she's helped us heaps!


Sophia H. | Innaloo, Western Australia

27th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Training went very well and our dog Mia responded very well to the training. Glen did a very good job in showing us how to be the leader and didn’t just train Mia but trained us as well.

Ben D. | Perth, Western Australia

26th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Had the first training session with Glen, his experience with dogs show. Feeling very happy with the results after just one day, our dog is more respectful and well behaved already. Looking forward to see our dog continue to change for the better, can’t wait for group classes. Thank you Glen!!


Simon R. | Mullaloo, Western Australia

21st May 2019 Bark busters rating

Very clear plan to get Mischa to be more relaxed and also learn better techniques for obedience

Karl C. | Palmyra, Western Australia

19th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Excellent, great advice and really friendly

Claire D. | Joondalup, Western Australia

18th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was phenomenal. Treated our puppy Delilah beautifully, took his time helping us understand & gave us all the tools we need to have a wonderfully mannered dog.

Jennifer S. | Mundaring, Western Australia

14th May 2019 Bark busters rating

We booked an appointed with Maureen as our two dogs were barking incessantly when my husband and I were at work. We wanted to sort this out as it was starting to bother our neighbours.

Not knowing exactly what was causing the barking I was skeptical about how some specific lead work and a change of diet could fix the problem; however, two weeks later, after doing the prescribed exercises and the change in diet, their barking has improved dramatically! It has eased so much stress for our family.

Maureen was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

Isabella L. | Carramar, Western Australia

13th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Changed dog! So much more responsive to commands, eating better, acting so good. Really easy to understand what to do and Glen showed us well too. Really easy to get along with Glen and we enjoyed his helpful visits.

Richelle B. | Perth, Western Australia

12th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was excellent. We have newfound confidence in addressing behaviours with our dog. We look forward to practicing them knowing we have support available as needed.

Bev M. | Brookdale, Western Australia

11th May 2019 Bark busters rating

OMG Glen arrive at my home and with-in an hour I had a different fur baby.

Lizzy is my best friend and I hated having to do the things Glen said, but Friday and Saturday I'm so much more relaxed and so is my Lizzy.

She actually listens to me and doesn't bark commands as she used to.

Glen is amazing and all the gifts I received was a surprise but very much appreciated, I have learnt so much even though I have trained my own shepherds many years ago.

I am so looking forward to Glenn coming back and seeing the difference in her.

please let me explain the value for money question down the bottom the reason I gave you three stars it was a shock to know that it was that amount of money when you only have one income $600 is a lot for a lot of people to find on the first instance but I'm glad I did.

the know in the comment did I learn everything I needed to learn the reason for the no as I need to learn the recall which I'm hoping will come in time and I'm so looking forward to the outing the second Mondays of each month.

Thank you Glenn you're amazing.


Chloe M. | Butler, Western Australia

11th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Could see an instant improvement in both dogs in the first few minutes of Glenn being with us! Gave us a greater understanding of how to teach our dogs. Can not wait to see how they are in a few weeks time :)

Sam M. | Ridgewood (Perth), Western Australia

8th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Absolutely amazing. Couldn't believe how quickly our dogs responded to the training, and they continued the improved behaviour after Glen left. Didn't think our dogs would react so positively to the training methods, and have never seen them this calm.

One of our dogs attacked the other and started a very bad fight which is what prompted up to go to BarkBusters. We seperated them until the morning of the first training, took them for a walk and our dog snapped again.

During the lesson, our dogs were reintroduced to each other and had no problems. They even ended up falling asleep next to each other that night, which I thought would have been impossible


Kirsty B. | Munster, Western Australia

8th May 2019 Bark busters rating

It has worked really well. Their obedience has improved dramatically and their anxiety has also improved.

Dee R. | Midvale, Western Australia

7th May 2019 Bark busters rating

I found Glen to be very lovely and friendly. I was impressed with his interaction with our dog and would highly recommend Glen to other people.

Capel M. | Greenwood, Western Australia

7th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Maureen has been wonderful. She is such a natural and understands my four legged friend and how his little mind operates. Saw progress after the 1st session and as she has said many times to me ‘consistency is key’. Thanks Maureen :)

Nikayla B. | Perth, Western Australia

5th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Awesome first training session.

We have a better understanding of our dog and how to best communicate what we want from him.

Really loved Glen and his attitude towards training and what was even better was we got to see him use the training and how instantly our dog reacted to it.

Very impressed.

Reece P. | ELLENBROOK (WA), Western Australia

4th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Glenn was great very very knowledgeable and great with our 2 boys gunner an Hunter and very patient with myself an my wife

Christine M. | Ocean Reef, Western Australia

4th May 2019 Bark busters rating

I was amazed at how quickly Glen had Tilly doing what he wanted. She followed beautifully on the lead without pulling. I've continued the training with great success. We've even gone out into the front yard where she has been a star pupil. Thanks Glen. I am constantly amazed at the difference in my little girl!

Natasha B. | Balga, Western Australia

4th May 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen came today and ran us through the idea of the program. He spoke about everything Bella needs to be happy. Glen showed us how to use our three tones of voice and then got us to do it. He then showed us how to do a new technique with the lead and collar he supplied.

Overall Bella is on her way to a much better and well behaved future

We look forward to working with Glen again at our next appt

Christine M. | Ocean Reef, Western Australia

2nd May 2019 Bark busters rating

I was amazed in the transformation in such a short time. Almost immediately she was doing everything Glen asked of her. It will take me longer to grasp the commands than it did for her to learn them.

Anne M. | Subiaco, Western Australia

29th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Very happy that the trainer had answers for all my questions and good ideas for follow through. We could see progress being made before our eyes.

Shaun F. | Edgewater, Western Australia

19th April 2019 Bark busters rating

My girlfriend and I were very pleased with Glen's training. Vader responded very quickly to the techniques we were taught and was as if he was a different dog from the moment Glen walked in our house. Glen took his time, was patient and explained things well. Highly recommend.

Jane S. | Perth, Western Australia

19th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was fantastic, explained all the basic dog needs and gave us many helpful hints. The on lead training was invaluable and we have seen results immediately.

Rebecca S. | Perth, Western Australia

18th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Awesome my dogs behaviour has changed completely.

Shelby H. | Perth, Western Australia

15th April 2019 Bark busters rating

The training was remarkable. Our pup is only 6 months, but don’t let his age fool you! He is smart, cheeky, intelligent and sneaky, but his personality is one of a kind. Glen came in and immediately Pluto’s vibe changed - he knew who was in charge, Glen is friendly, so beyond knowledgeable and has really helped being sanity back into our house hold.

He corrected the things we were not doing quite right, and encouraging us for the things we tried to get right. He had taught me and partner so much and we’ve still got so much more to learn. What’s really made me feel good inside is sometimes you see dogs get trained and things change and they start to lose who they are a little bit. But Glen manages to teach you and build your skills and allows your dog to have his/her own personality, i have seen this with multiple dogs he has trained it’s amazing!! We have been referred to by friends/family members of ours.

I am really looking forward to our new puppy training with Pluto, and seeing all the progress we continue to make with the help of bark busters.

You have really really made having a first time puppy be so easy!!

Thank you so much.

Maree E. | Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

15th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Wow. What an incredible difference Glen has made. After a single session, he had identified how we were confusing our dog with our words and body language. By implementing Glens training techniques, our once very boisterous and barking dog is now well behaved, quiet and polite. She has gone from dragging us along on the lead and lunging at other dogs to trotting at our heels and knowing that lunging at other dogs is not cool. We cannot thank you enough Glen, and we know our neighbours thank you too. 🙌

Kathleen W. | Perth, Western Australia

14th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen is very knowledgeable and offered great advice and suggestions in trying different techniques to correct our puppies behaviours.

I will definitely recommend to friends and also clients we have through my work at the Vet.

Melanie G. | shenton park, Western Australia

11th April 2019 Bark busters rating

The training was transformative! Glen was friendly, helpful and very professional and above all made the desired outcomes seem very achievable . He explained all aspects of the program in very straightforward terms and enabled me to be the 'expert' with my own dog .

I particularly liked his direct assessment of the issues and the way in which he directed me to be able to change my dogs behavioural 'problems' by actually changing mine!

The program is very client centred and I cannot recommend the service highly enough

Caitlin S. | Innaloo, Western Australia

11th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Me and Radley are so much happier after your (Maureen's) help and I am completely satisfied with the service. A lot of what Maureen said resonated with me - in that I understood how my puppy thought so I could train properly. I think I learned just as much as Radley. Life improved immensely after our first lesson. You guys are lifesavers.


Lisa J. | Girrawheen, Western Australia

9th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Bindi and I had our first session today and Glen put us both at ease. Bindi responded really well to Glen and he took into account that she only had 3 legs. We look forward to continuing our training.

Barbara & Kim C. | Upper Swan, Western Australia

4th April 2019 Bark busters rating

Was so pleased to see the instant improvement with our dogs. Didn't think it would be so successful after just 2 hours with Glen.

Tanya B. | Huntingdale, Western Australia

2nd April 2019 Bark busters rating

The guidance and advice delivered by Glen provided us with a new beginning to a happier time with our dog. A significant change was noted on the first day.

Michelle S. | bullsbrook, Western Australia

26th March 2019 Bark busters rating

all went very well , looking forward to next lesson

Dayna O. | Melville, Western Australia

17th March 2019 Bark busters rating

Fantastic session! We learnt so much and it was so effective.

Louisa O. | Ellenbrook, Western Australia

17th March 2019 Bark busters rating

I had been to training sessions before, but the results weren't long lasting, and the use of treats just wasn't working, so I was a bit hesitant, but was amazed by the results. The background information was invaluable, and a must for an owner to understand their dog's behaviour. I'm so glad that this was covered before starting the training, as it made so much more sense seeing it in action. I was a bit worried that Penny would be scared of me after using the training techniques, but seeing the way she looked up at Glen after put all my fears to rest.

Amanda B. | 4B Thomas Way, Kardinya, Western Australia

17th March 2019 Bark busters rating

Very professional with a good sense of humour and straight away Leo responded to Glen

Nikki E. | Willagee, Western Australia

13th March 2019 Bark busters rating

I was afraid that I was never allowed to cuddle and play with my dog anymore, so I'm glad that we can still cuddle but be in control of his aggression and jumping.

Justine W. | Burns Beach, Western Australia

13th March 2019 Bark busters rating

Overall received good advice and assistance how to train and improve Bella's dominance behavior.

Alex H. | Willagee, Western Australia

27th February 2019 Bark busters rating

Dogs responded like I've never seen before. Very pleased. I learnt things that I was previously unaware of which was great. Over all very happy with my first lesson and introduction.

Heidi S. | CARINE, Western Australia

21st February 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was very friendly and definately a Dog Whisperer! Glen gave us lots of information and advice. Rosie responded really well to the style of training and we are very happy with the results so far. It turned out that we ‘Parents’ were the ones needing most of the training!

Glen definately helped Rosie with the following issues, pulling on the lead, barging indoors before given the invite and barking at sunrise, this was the biggest win as she is no longer a Rooster!

Alex H. | Willagee, Western Australia

17th February 2019 Bark busters rating

So very glad to meet Glen & have his expertise on training, everything was explained clear and in depth & I’ve never seen my dogs so well behaved so quickly!

Look forward to continuing our work.

Sophie C. | Haynes, Western Australia

23rd January 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen took his time to explain everything and always allowed for questioning. It was educational for us as owners and Penny responded well.

Abby & Paul J. | Wembley, Western Australia

15th January 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was great. Thank you! We are amazed. We had a difficult dog. She has stopped most dominant behaviour and only tried barking once since lesson. The training worked and it wasn't harsh. Most of the time was spent training us. We realised a significant amount about our behaviour.

Jess & Chad H. | Sawyers Valley, Western Australia

15th January 2019 Bark busters rating

It was a great learning experience for us, as well as our dog. Glen used clear instructions and easily understood terminology. He was very professional and clearly enjoys his job. Training was easy to implement. Our dog was much calmer by the end and happily walking on the lead.

Mathew B. | Madeley, Western Australia

10th January 2019 Bark busters rating

Glen was so good with our girls. They relaxed a few minutes after he arrived and were different dogs after the training. They are a lot more responsive now too.

Tony M. | Canning Vale, Western Australia

10th January 2019 Bark busters rating

Both dogs responded to correction and walked comfortably on leash. The training made a lot of sense and the dogs seemed to enjoy it too.


Jess H. | Sawyers Valley, Western Australia

8th January 2019 Bark busters rating

First session went very well, the change in Ruby's behaviour was instant once we were taught the appropriate techniques. Glen explained everything clearly and we now have a much calmer dog.

Mary C. | Shelley, Western Australia

5th December 2018 Bark busters rating

My little niece was scared of my dog, now she proudly walks her down the street - 3 weeks, new dog! Have already recommended Bark Busters. Glen has a great nature - doesn't put blame onto you and the dog loves him. Training is gentle but firm. Highly effective.

Katie H. | Forrestfield, Western Australia

3rd December 2018 Bark busters rating

It was quite amazing that after just a few minutes on the lead our dog was walking by our side, not in front. Glen explained things very well and answered all of our questions.


Amy S. | Perth, Western Australia

29th November 2018 Bark busters rating

Cannot thank Glen enough for showing and guiding us in how to train our two mini dachshunds to give them the life they deserve.

Frankie and Lillie were very anxious dogs with separation anxiety, barking at anyone who would come through our front door, barking non stop at any noise and aggression towards other dogs. Glen explained everything so simple and easy. Couldn't believe the difference with them after the first 5 minutes Glen came through our door! We have two completely different dogs who are calm, relaxed, listening and well behaved.

Thank you Glen for being so understanding, kind, non judgmental and so very helpful. We are forever in your debt!

Amy and Sadie

Ann-Marie R. | Aveley, Western Australia

29th November 2018 Bark busters rating

The training was good, we took note of the techniques and how Glen used them with effectiveness, even with our little stubborn girl.


Jo N. | Ellenbrook, Western Australia

5th November 2018 Bark busters rating

Ton Ton is 12 and we recently gotten a puppy, Garlic. Within 6 weeks, the house was in chaos. Like most of the owners giving their reviews, we were at our wit's end. Bark Busters was our last resort.

Our main problem was Garlic's hyperactivity which annoys Ton Ton and it always resulted in them fighting, barking and creating a major ruckus. Our neighbours were complaining about the noise. Garlic's puppy school trainer told us to separate them while at work which I felt is not the solution as it doesn't get to the root of the problem. It also means that we're coming home to pee puddles from the dog that's left indoors.

Within minutes of Glen's arrival, he had Garlic calmly lying down on the floor. Glen also showed us several things we can do to communicate to the dogs that we, the humans are the alphas. He also showed us how to deal with the chewing and digging which I have yet to try as Garlic is already behaving himself. That same night, someone knocked on our door and neither of the dogs rushed up to bark. They continued lying there as if nothing happened. All that achieved in the 2 hours that Glen was here.

I highly recommend Bark Busters. I wished I had gone on the program straight away when it was evident that Garlic is going to be hard work. It would have prevented all the stress and arguments.

Sue J. | Woodvale, Western Australia

18th October 2018 Bark busters rating

Excellent, amazing and all that. I was at the stage of opening the door and letting this naughty dog run and keep running. Only had the dog for 2 weeks and has destroyed everything in his path, and had decided he was the boss. In comes Glen Guelfi, the miracle worker........what a difference. The dog reacted well to the training - did try it on but soon realised that he was NOW NOT the boss. He needed to be shown what was expected of him and with continued training and guidance, my naughty boy will no longer exist but become a well behaved, well balanced fur baby.

John A. | Morley, Western Australia

8th October 2018 Bark busters rating

Did a good job explaining the techniques and the dog responded perfectly. Good trainer.


Kate M. | Helena Valley, Western Australia

28th September 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen was very helpful and informative, which made us feel much more confident and comfortable training our first puppy and having control of our home again.

John A. | Morley, Western Australia

27th September 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen did an excellent job with our German Shepherd. Within moments he had turned our disobedient dog into one that was following commands and not barking.

Very knowledgeable trainer that can get across the information in a understandable way.

I also like the way he got us to video part of the training so that we had some video notes to fall back on if we needed it.

Majorie & Ron S. | Hovea, Western Australia

24th September 2018 Bark busters rating

Very informative and helpful. Glen is a very nice guy and easily understood.


Abigail H. | Darlington, Western Australia

27th August 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen was brilliant, extremely patient and explained everything very well. The transformation of our puppys behaviour was almost immediate. He is so much easier to handle now. We have had our follow up visit with Glen who refined our techniques and was extremely supportive and positive about our progress.

I would highly recommend Bark Busters and Glen to anyone looking for training techniques and support.

Newsha Z. | Perth, Western Australia

20th August 2018 Bark busters rating

training today was perfect, Glen is everything my partner and I have been searching in a trainer. he was real and straight to the point and taught us some stuff that has already started to work with my dog within minutes.

Finn B. | Currambine, Western Australia

15th August 2018 Bark busters rating

Very happy , and working well............both dog and owners working well !!!

Kelly C. | Bullsbrook, Western Australia

2nd August 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen took the time to explain and help me understand. He was not judgmental or condescending, which I have experienced in the past. My dog reacted well to the techniques and is already calmer and less dominant towards me.

Hazel T. | Ashby, Western Australia

19th July 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen's friendly and professional manner is outstanding.

Brendan C. | Currambine, Western Australia

18th July 2018 Bark busters rating

Absolutely brilliant. We had instant success with Kobe and he is so pleasant to be around and much calmer around the house. Worth every penny


Kelly C. | Bullsbrook, Western Australia

17th July 2018 Bark busters rating

I have a young cattle dog who was becoming a real handful out and at home. After the first session with Glen I have a much calmer and more obedient dog who is pleasant to be around. Glen is easy to understand and get along with. He is not judgemental of the mistakes I have been making with my dog and seems committed to helping me learn. I’ve learnt a lot and look forward to the next session!

Kaira H. | Edgewater, Western Australia

5th July 2018 Bark busters rating

Amazing results after the 1st session. We were blown away!! Glen was incredible. Training was easy to follow, made entire sense, results were seen immediately. Could not believe our eyes - where had our naughty dog gone all in one session. Incredible experience and knowledge. Glen was just lovely as so easy to talk to and get along with.


Isabel T. | Aveley, Western Australia

26th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen was/is amazing. My dogs were completely different just having him in the same room as them. By the end of the session they were much more calm and relaxed. I can now get home from work and not have to worry about being jumped on by two overly excited Swiss Shepherds. The very next time we had visitors over there were almost no problems with jumping and barking.

The techniques we were showed were easy to follow and enforce. I urge anyone considering this to follow through with all that is taught. Neither of my dogs have lost their personality, if anything it has brought their personalities to the forefront and reinforced what unique and marvellous dogs they are.

Jodie B. | Belmont, Western Australia

21st June 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen made us feel comfortable even though we made mistakes. Easy to follow instructions and found the training experience a good laugh but informative.

Cindy K. | Victoria Park, Western Australia

19th June 2018 Bark busters rating

It was more training for us which was a surprise but made total sense. Glad of the second visit because i think we have forgotten/gotten lax with the techniques taught to us. Which worked very well in the beginning.

Fred A. | mundaring, Western Australia

17th June 2018 Bark busters rating

meeting and training went better than expected

Beatrice B. | Lesmurdie, Western Australia

14th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Fantastic, we could not believe what a difference the session made. Thank you to Glen who was both so enjoyable and patient. I will definitely be recommending him.

CLIFFORD B. | Belmont, Western Australia

14th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Very informative and easy to understand. very impressed.

Tamara M. | Maida Vale, Western Australia

12th June 2018 Bark busters rating

Had a friend visit 2 hours later and Tilly was exceptionally well-behaved. She didn't even bark.

Betty M. | Bedford, Western Australia

30th May 2018 Bark busters rating

I enjoyed this session and learnt a lot. Very pleased with training techniques - very clear and easy to understand. I would be happy to recommend Glen.

Heloise B. | Burns Beach, Western Australia

24th May 2018 Bark busters rating

When Molly went for clipping, the clipper said she was a different dog. Just laid there and got clipped.

Nicole F. | Perth, Western Australia

3rd May 2018 Bark busters rating

Really happy! All my anxiety and fear for his developing bad behaviours has been completely attended too.


Olivia D. | Perth, Western Australia

30th April 2018 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters Training was the most beneficial thing my sister and I have done for our pup Bear. Glen provided us with so much information, most things we had no idea about.! Our dog Bear was a hyperactive pup who had trouble listening to instructions but after learning from Glen he is a changed pup in the best way possible! Couldn't recommend this program enough!

Sharon P. | Iluka, Western Australia

23rd April 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen Guelfi is amazing. Our dog Gypsy is a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd rescue dog who was re-homed due to her aggression towards other dogs. Walking her was a nightmare and she started to bark and pull aggressively to not only dogs, but joggers, people walking etc. She would bark at loud noises including turning the aircon on (which is noisy). When not out walking, she had a lovely nature and that is why we didn't want to give up on her. Glen came to our house and within 2 hours I had a completely different dog. She did not jump up anymore, she did not barge through doors, she walked beside me and he showed me exactly how to control her when she started barking. We practiced with the aircon first and that is completely under control. I cannot rate Glen or Barkbusters high enough and it was definitely worth the money.

Michelle and Simon B. | Ellenbrook, Western Australia

13th April 2018 Bark busters rating

excellent session; very professional in manner

Albie & Karin F. | Landsdale, Western Australia

3rd April 2018 Bark busters rating

In 2 hours Tinkerbell learned who was boss - 'Us' not her!

Krishna K. | perth, Western Australia

2nd April 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen gave us a lot of information which we found very helpful going forward in training our labrador, he is still learning slowly but hope to see changes down the line.


RALPH M. | DARCH, Western Australia

30th March 2018 Bark busters rating

Glen was Fantastic with our first training day with Cooper our 4 month old German Shepherd and we have seen a changed puppy, not perfect yet but heading in the right direction

Nicole F. | Darlington, Western Australia

27th March 2018 Bark busters rating

I was very stressed before Glen arrived. It was great to realise I was in control, and that the techniques are easy to do on my own. Really easy to implement, it all made sense. I couldn't believe the difference.